Stephen King

¿Quién no conoce a Stephen King? Escritor famoso si lo hay, recientemente leí un resumen de su libro “On Writing”. Les transcribo el resumen en inglés, porque es muy claro y porque en su traducción tal vez se perdería parte de la simpleza de lo que se describe.  

  1. Good writing is often about letting go of fear and affectation
  2. Stories and novels consist of 3 parts: narration, which moves the story from point A to point B and finally to point Z; description, which creates a sensory reality for the reader; and dialogue, which brings characters to life through their speech
  3. Writing is refined thinking
  4. Description begins in the writer/’s imagination, but should finish in the reader/’s
  5. Reading is the creative center of a writer/’s life
  6. Your job isn/’t to find these ideas but to recognize them when they show up
  7. You cannot hope to sweep someone else away by the force of your writing until it has been done to you
  8. Books are uniquely portable magic
  9. Boredom can be a very good thing for someone in a creative jam
  10. Writing is seduction
  11. One of the really bad things you can do to your writing is to dress up the vocabulary……This is like dressing up a household pet in evening clothes. The pet is embarrassed and the person who committed this act of premeditated cuteness should be even more embarassed.

Writing is about communication, great writing for me is about the creation of a picture. A picture which is framed by the author but filled in by the reader…Do you paint with words?

Una joya para aquellos que nos gusta la lectura y dedicamos nuestro tiempo a escribir y al arte de la comunicación. Destaco sobremanera el segundo punto y el último. 


Diego Regueiro

Director Ejecutivo


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