El Padrino y los 10 mandamientos del liderazgo


Les comparto un resumen de un ensayo publicado en Financial Times Germany sobre la relación entre el famoso personaje El Padrino creado por Mario Puzzo y filmado magistralmente por Francis Ford Coppolla (particularmente para mí, la mejor película de la historia) y el liderazgo. Son los 10 mandamientos que utiliizaba el capo de la mafia.

La transcribo en inglés (perdón!) porque su traducción perdería en muchos casos el sentido original:

1. Trust is the foundation of every deal. Never work with people you don’t trust.

2. Trading in services is more profitable than trading in money. Whenever possible, Corleone deals in favors rather than cash, cultivating personal loyalties that are worth more than cash.

3. Never turn down a chance to do a favor for someone. And only ask for a favor once. The less often you call in your favors, the better the economy functions.

4. Hierarchy is important. If Don Corleone’s status as godfather were disregarded, his decisions would not have the same weight. The Godfather is affable but not democratic.

5. Don’t take it personally—it’s only business.

6. Don’t let anyone outside the family find out what you really think. Corleone confides his doubts and musings to no one apart from the closest members of the family.

7. Every so often, the competition will force a purge. Don’t try to avoid conflict—take it on. Mario Puzo, in this case, is a true market liberal: it’s not the forces of order—the police, that is—that make the rules; it’s the market participants.

8. Recognize market shifts early and respond to them swiftly. Corleone got rich with gambling and prostitution, but he knows that the drug business will destroy him in the years to come. In the end, he loses both the old market and the new.

9. Transfer full power to your successor, support him unconditionally, and defer to him. When Vito Corleone exits the stage, his son Michael is fully empowered.

10. Power seeps away. Defend yourself against small defeats. The Godfather stumbles when the competition poaches a couple of lower-level employees.

Una interesante mirada y adaptación a los negocios de un clásico de la literatura y del cine.


Diego Regueiro

Director Ejecutivo


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